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Everett Computer Recycling Buys Corporate Surplus

Corporate Surplus Buyer: We both purchase and recycle end of service computers, and laptops as well as other electronic waste. If your company has computers, laptops or other electronics you need to have hauled away give Everett Computer Recycling a call. We will either remove and recycle your equipment, or perhaps purchase it if your surplus computers have any value. We purchase corporate surplus computers, laptops, and electronics.

We Buy  :  Computers / Laptops / Networking / Electronics

What We Buy / Recycle: We are looking for equipment that can be refurbished, or re-purposed. We attempt to repair and refurbish all computers, laptops, and other equipment possible. The recycled computers are then resold, or donated to charity. Not only do we recycle and repair computers, but all other types of electronics. We recycle servers, networking equipment, surveying equipment, cameras, cell phones, pos systems, pos terminals, and just about all other types of electronics. When you call ask for a corporate surplus buyer.


corporate surplus buyer

We Focus On Re-Use

Our Focus is on Re-Use: We do all we can to repair all recycled computers. Our associated company Seattle Laptop uses parts from recycled computers and Macs, as well as Macbooks to enhance their computer repair and laptop repair business. They also re-sell all equipment possible after refurbishing. Many recycled and or purchased computers are also donated to charities. We support Alzheimer’s of Washington.





Corporate Surplus Buyer

Get A Quote For Surplus Computers: Call Everett Computer Recycling to get a fair quote for surplus computers, laptops, Macs, and other equipment. We pay top dollar for computers, networking equipment, and electronics that can be re-furbished. Our corporate surplus purchasing branch is very active. Ask for a corporate surplus buyer.

We Wipe Data: We will securely wipe the data from all recycled, or purchased computers, and laptops. We can provide a certificate of destruction if necessary.

Recycling Pick-Up Service: Call us to schedule a pickup if it is time to have your equipment hauled away. Our phone number is 206-784-4215. We are open 7 days a week.